Beauty: a beginner’s guide to self-tanning

Because tanning gives you an immediate healthy glow, tends to erase small flaws and accelerates our sexy capital, we dream of a pronounced tan all over our bodies from the very first days of summer. If some people tan very quickly, for others, gilding their skin is a challenge.

Before moving on to UV rays, which are harmful to your health, Stylight looks at the issue of self-tanners, often demonized by those who have had a bad experience with these products. We give you all the advice to choose your self-tanner and especially, to apply it well!

Which self-tanner for my skin color?

If we tend to think that the self-tanner gives an orange complexion, it is certainly because we did not inform ourselves well on the question before choosing his. The lighter your skin, the less concentrated the product should be in DHA, the active ingredient that turns your skin brown. Do you have sheer skin? Choose a self-tanner containing 3% or less of DHA. The darker your skin, the more concentrated the product will be! We recommend up to 5% DHA for matte skin. If you already have a good tan and want to give your tan an extra boost, go a step further. Take it up a notch.

How to choose the right self-tanner texture?

To choose the right self-tanner, you must first think about its use. On the legs, you want a fluid, streak-free application. Therefore, we opt for a spray or shower cream formulation that tans progressively without leaving a trace since we don’t use our hands. This method applies perfectly on the arms, the back and the belly also.

For the face, the method is different. We prefer a cream self-tanner that we apply for a long time by massaging absolutely everywhere and which promises a progressive tan. That way, you can correct the tan day after day if there’s a mistake without it being noticeable!

Should I prepare my skin for self-tanning?

As for a classic tanning, if you want a pretty golden and satiny skin even with an artificial tanning, there is work! We start by scrubbing our skin to get rid of dead cells at least a week before application and then we moisturize every day without exception. Closing scrub earlier than the primary application and your skin is prepared to receive its first dose! The self-tanner will adhere much better to the epidermis, for a much more natural result!

How to apply self-tanner on the face?

The key is to use circular motions to make the product penetrate perfectly on each millimeter of skin. Start with the center of the face (the T-zone) and stretch the product to the temples. Not forgetting, of course, the ears, neck and décolleté!

How to apply self-tanner on the body?

If you use a spray, the application is rather simple since you don’t need to spread the product. With a cream, you make the same circular movements as on the face. With an applicator glove, you make sure you get it everywhere, even in the folds and hollows.

Do not forget the toes or the navel and especially to protect well the zone on which you lie down after the application of the self-tanning product! Finally, wait for the regulatory minutes written on the product to dry without staining your walls or clothes.

How to maintain your artificial tan?

After the first application of the self-tanning product, we advise you to wait 24 hours before bathing or showering. Then, if you exfoliate your skin, do it gently to avoid removing the pigmentation. Finally, daily moisturizing will help your fake tan last longer and keep your skin healthy and satiny!

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