Is it better to invest in makeup or skin care?

If you’re a seasoned beautyista, your bathroom cabinets are probably overflowing with all kinds of products. Makeup, skin care, precision tools… You could almost open a beauty salon and your friends would swear by your experienced advice.
If, on the other hand, you don’t know much about beauty, you’ll probably settle for a moisturizer and some mascara before leaving home.

In either case, one thing is for sure: you probably need a little refresher to remind you of the importance of skincare over makeup. And we tell you why!

Why it’s better to invest in skincare?

Whatever your age or skin type, your epidermis faces different issues every day. Dry, oily, mature, acne-prone, irritated skin… Analyzing your skin’s needs and providing it with what it needs is crucial to keeping it more beautiful and younger for longer. It is also important for your comfort and self-esteem. Whether your skin is prone to constant tightness or pimples that make you feel self-conscious, it needs to be pampered.

The problem with buying overpriced makeup instead of seeing a dermatologist (if needed), regular skin cleansing and quality skin care is that you’re just covering up the problem without fixing it.

Of course, there is no miracle cure for certain skin conditions, but even a small change can sometimes have amazing results on problem skin. If you do the math, healthier skin + a brighter complexion = less makeup to slather on your face to feel beautiful.

What are the most essential skin care products?

Although all skin types are different, there are some things that cannot be ignored and to which we must pay particular attention:

Moisturizing cream: it must be adapted to your skin and be applied morning and evening on clean skin.
The make-up remover: whether you are a make-up addict or not, a good make-up remover also rids the skin of impurities (such as pollution) accumulated during the day.
The cleanser: in gel, in foam, with a brush, with a cloth… Find the right formula that purifies your skin in depth without attacking it and especially by bringing it well done.
Skin cleansing: at home, in an institute or at the dermatologist’s, we recommend a real skin cleansing at each change of season.

And what about makeup?

There are several profiles of women and men who use makeup and sometimes, they mix together. Although it is notably used to cover imperfections and beautify oneself, makeup is above all an art and a passion for many. Asking beautystas to stop buying the latest palette would therefore be heresy.

But as for dermatological care, we must remember that we have only one skin and that it is imperative to take care of it. Learn how to choose your makeup, how to decipher what’s on the label (with the Think Dirty application, for example) and how not to be fooled by a beautiful packaging or a big brand. You can find design makeup, pigmented, good for the skin and the environment without breaking the bank!

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