5 (good) reasons to exfoliate your body in winter

This gesture, traditionally reserved for the hot season, has more than one advantage to be part of your beauty routine in the colder months… We’ll tell you why exfoliation is good for you!

1/ Softer skin

Scrubbing, by removing dead cells located on the surface of the epidermis, softens the skin and makes it silkier to the touch. It is much more pleasant. Without forgetting that exfoliating regularly calls for hydration… Result: this winter you won’t have crocodile skin!

2/ A more fluid blood circulation

Thanks to the circular gestures, always directed from the bottom upwards, in the direction of the venous return, the exfoliation fluidifies the blood and lymphatic circulation. Indeed, these mechanical movements give a boost to lazy circulation and promote better oxygenation of the skin. However, in winter, between the tights which compress badly (unless you take specific tights of contention), tighter outfits, the venous return is more complicated. Remember to exfoliate your body well, especially if you suffer from heavy legs in summer.

3/ Less cellulite

By targeting high-risk areas, such as the buttocks and thighs (don’t forget the knees…) with your scrub, you will gradually eliminate the « stagnant » clusters of cellulite. It is even more effective if you proceed with the combo: exfoliation + slimming care (and physical activity of course).

4/ More optimized care

Erasing dead cells also facilitates the penetration and action of the following treatments. Clearly, the moisturizing cream will moisturize better and the slimming care will also act better on the adipocytes. Why? Quite simply because the active ingredients will not be blocked on the surface by dead cells.

5/ More effective hair removal

When dead cells remain on the surface, they can thicken the skin… preventing hair regrowth. The result? An increased risk of ingrown hairs.

And also (but that doesn’t count) a more luminous tan.

Even if it’s no longer in season… exfoliation helps reinforce the radiance of the natural tan. To keep in mind if you have the possibility to go on vacation in the sun, in winter.

The good gestures of exfoliation :

– Plan an exfoliation once or twice a week, it is largely sufficient.

– Adapt the frequency of exfoliation to your skin. It is fine and fragile? Once every ten days is enough.

– Choose your exfoliation according to your tastes, but be aware that the thicker the grains are, the more abrasive the exfoliation remains for your skin.

– If you like to exfoliate every day in the shower, choose an exfoliating scrub that is gentler than a classic scrub.

– It’s best to exfoliate on wet skin, but some experts recommend a more effective exfoliation on dry skin.

– Insist on very rough and often forgotten areas, such as elbows, knees, heels.

– Never use a body scrub for the face … the skin is much thinner … On the other hand, you can technically divert your face scrub on the body (but it is not very economical).

– Apply a care product (moisturizing, slimming, firming) after showering, always on slightly damp skin to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients.

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