What foods to choose for beautiful skin this summer ?

Even if we moisturize ourselves with prodigious anti-wrinkle creams, the good health of our skin also depends on our plate. But what foods should we eat to have beautiful skin this summer? Here’s a look at the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that make up our first anti-aging shield…

1.drink a lot

Water, not rosé! To have a well hydrated skin, water is essential. You can also make water flavored with fruits and vegetables in season, full of water (strawberries or cucumbers, for example) and green tea (for its action on toxins and its antioxidant properties that preserve skin youth). It’s miles recommended to drink 2 liters according to day.

2. Think about beta-carotene

Although it has not been proven that carrots make you look good, they can certainly contribute to a healthy glow. Beta-carotene promotes the synthesis of melanin. Eating foods rich in beta-carotene gives a beautiful golden pigmentation to the skin while helping it to protect itself naturally from the sun’s rays (without avoiding burns). Our allies? Apricots, peaches, melons, yellow nectarines, mangoes (technical memo: « orange » fruits and vegetables)… For optimal absorption, beta-carotene requires fat, so it is ideally associated with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, a few drops of olive or rapeseed oil. Good to know: The transformation of beta-carotenes into vitamin A also requires sufficient intake of vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin A is important for the skin’s elasticity.

3. Fill up on vitamins and antioxidants

Exposure to the sun generates free radicals. Like stress and tobacco, these molecules damage skin cells and promote tissue aging. To ensure that the skin receives its share of nutrients and preserve its radiance, certain vitamins and minerals work miracles:

  • Vitamin C found in parsley, blackcurrant, orange, bell pepper or cabbage, preferably raw, promotes collagen synthesis.
  • Vitamin E, which is found in summer salad oils or sunflower seeds (a real anti-aging weapon!), contains active antioxidants.
  • Vitamins B2 and B6 are found in cereals, eggs and fish.Selenium, polyphenols and zinc are also antioxidants that reduce cellular aging. The first is a trace element found in Brazil nuts, onions, garlic, veal liver or mussels. It fights against oxidative stress which alters the structure of cells while boosting the effects of vitamins. Grapes, like red fruits in season, are full of polyphenols. Zinc, in oysters and beef, boosts cell renewal.

4. Don’t forget the omega-3s

Omega-3, found in fatty fish and nuts. Salmon, mackerel or sardines contribute to the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems while helping to structure skin cells. They act on the tissues of the body as well as the skin, notably by maintaining hydration and reinforcing the cell membrane.

What about food supplements?

Food is a wonderful ally that improves skin elasticity, slows down the formation of wrinkles and gives radiance to the complexion. But it is not always easy to combine all their virtues in our weekly menus. A course of food supplements can rebalance our intake to achieve a more than satisfactory homeostasis. If their components are more and more controlled, be sure to choose an organic formula that offers a « cocktail » acting in synergy while being easily assimilated by the body. There are versions that are purer/natural than others (for example, omegas 3 and 6 without heavy metals). Ask your pharmacist for advice and/or think about doing a blood test to monitor any deficiencies.

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