7 quick tips for perfect everyday makeup

For many women, makeup is a daily must. It is often closely linked to personal well-being and self-esteem. However, this not only represents a budget, but also takes a fair amount of time .And time is what we lack, especially in the morning. Sometimes it looks like the eyeliner was drawn by a three-year-old child and you end up with eyeshadow everywhere except where it matters. In this article, we are therefore going to show you 7 quick makeup tips that will guarantee you a smooth beauty treatment made with joy and good humor:


1) peeling dry lips

Nothing is more unsightly than putting lipstick on dry, cracked lips. To avoid this, bring a toothbrush (or clean mascara brush), a lip balm and a handkerchief. Apply a little lip balm on the brush and massage your lips with circular movements. Then remove the residue with a tissue. Now your lips are ready to be made up.

2) Apply the highlighter correctly

There is a simple trick to applying the highlighter in the right places. Apply your makeup as usual. Then add a small drop of highlighter on each finger. Now press the fingertips of both hands against each other. Then dab your fingers along your cheekbones on your face – as if you were playing the piano. Then slide along the bridge of your nose and spread it under your eyebrows. You can perfectly highlight your face.

3) Open your eyes

Improper application of the eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller than they really are. To open your eyes, you must leave a small space between the lower and upper eyelid. The eyelid lines should not touch each other at the outer edge of the eyes. To make your eyes look even bigger, you can also use a clear or skin-colored eyeliner.

4) Warm the eyelash curler

To facilitate the flexing of your eyelashes, it is advisable to warm your eyelash curler beforehand. Put it in your bra or use a hair dryer. When drying in the dryer, make sure it is not too hot when you put it on your eyelashes to avoid getting burned. Thanks to this little trick, your eyelashes keep their beautiful curved shape longer.

5) The perfect eyeliner line

There is a trick to make a success of your line of eyeliner. Cut a small triangular piece of a makeup sponge that you stick on a cotton swab. You can now apply the eyeliner on the sponge and simply « dab » your line. And There you go !

6) A perfect Cupid’s bow

The Cupid’s bow is the curved edge of your upper lip. To accentuate it, first draw an X on your upper lip with a lip liner – the same color as your lipstick. Then you can apply your lipstick as usual. That’s it !

7) Bright eyeshadow

If you want your eye shadow to shine, try the following tip: apply white eyeliner all over the eyelid. Then use your favorite eyeshadow and spread it over. The white base helps to intensify the color.

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