3 Things to know before getting a tattoo

If like many you feel like getting a tattoo, you will find the process much easier than a few years ago. Indeed, tattoos are now so common that many people forget about them and get pricked every 4th morning. Before you do it, read the following!

#1 A tattoo is forever

Well okay, we’re kicking in an open door. But by getting a tattoo of anything and everything, many people forget that every design you get on your skin will be there forever. If a design or a message may look beautiful one day, 10 years later it may not. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, you might want to think about this before you make a painful and costly mistake.

#2 A tattoo is expensive

When you first walk into a tattoo parlor and ask for a quote, you might be surprised at the prices they charge. 150, 300 sometimes 500€ depending on the piece you ask for. But behind each tattoo is a tattoo artist who has been trained, takes time to draw your design and maintain his salon. Then there’s the cost of labor, machine maintenance, new needles, sterile gloves, ink… All this is not free. And of course, the more recognized the tattoo artist is, the more he can afford to increase his prices. But you wouldn’t want a bad drawing or a spelling mistake ?

#3 A tattoo requires maintenance

We could have told you about the pain of tattooing but it varies from one person to another and especially from the location you choose. After a tattoo session, there is a whole process for the healing to take place properly. But that’s not all. The tattoo is now completely part of you and you will have to take care of it day after day to keep it as beautiful as possible for a long time. This means moisturizing it regularly but above all avoiding exposure to the sun. UV rays affect ink in two ways: they fade and blur it. Your delicate little heart on your finger can quickly turn into a big unsightly stain.


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