6 Tips for shaving your legs less often

Shaving is probably the most convenient way to remove hair. It’s quick, painless and easy to carry around with you. On the other hand, the big disadvantage of this technique is that it must be repeated several times a week, sometimes every day if you want to keep your legs smooth.

Because by shaving, you strengthen the hair, you make it grow faster, darker and thicker. Thus, we become a little slave to our blades. So how do you shave your legs without risk and with optimal results? For those who don’t want to do without their razor, we’ve found 6 tips to prevent hair growth and shave your legs less often.

1. Scrub your legs

Your beautician often advises you to scrub your legs every week, especially before waxing. But this also applies to shaving. By removing the dead cells that accumulate on the skin, you allow the razor to glide as close to the epidermis as possible and thus cut the hair as short as possible. In addition, an exfoliating scrub prevents ingrown hairs and draws out those about to grow. They also make it possible to shave the legs without having a pimple afterwards. As a result, in one pass of the razor you eliminate a maximum of hair!

2. Never shave dry

Unless you like irritation and crocodile skin, we strongly advise against dry shaving your legs. Under hot water and steam from the shower or bath, pores dilate, hair softens and is easier to cut. But don’t forget to moisturize afterwards because razor blades are abrasive.

3. A good razor or new blades

Whether you’re a competition razor or a disposable razor, you need to keep in mind that old or poor quality blades will never be as sharp as new, sharp blades. In addition, you risk infection with rusty blades that have been soaking for weeks in dirty shower water. Change your disposable razors often or invest in a slightly more expensive model for a closer shave.

4. Oil instead of foam

In addition to water and steam, we recommend using a special shaving product to protect the skin. The reason is simple: every time you shave, you exfoliate and weaken the skin. If you are a hair dictator, you probably shave daily. But you’re not supposed to exfoliate your skin every day.
To remedy this, it’s best to opt for a shaving oil instead of a foam. Shaving oil protects and nourishes the skin while allowing for a more precise passage of the blades, unlike foam, which acts as a barrier and prevents you from seeing underneath. The shorter the hair is cut, the longer the regrowth phase will be. CQFD!

5. Soak blades in hot water before shaving

Did you know that soaking the blades in hot water for a few minutes before shaving makes the steel in the blades sharper and more slippery? This results in a smoother and more efficient shave. You won’t miss any hair.

6. Shave against the direction of growth

As with hair removal, we shave the hair against the direction of its growth. This way, you cut it closer to the root and it takes longer for it to come out of the skin afterwards.

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